September 2010 Newsletter

Welcome & Back into the Swing of Things

We’re off to a great start and we welcome back the returning families and esp ecially the 40 new families in our school. The FSA had a simple welcom e get-together for them, and each family was assigned a designated men tor, a new friend to guide them with the activities of the school. The new faculty and staff members are: Mrs. Ch eryl Jerick (Art teacher), Mrs. Pat Vukovich (Title I teacher), Sr. Alicia (Grade 3 paraprofessional), and Ms. Rachel Fallos (Preschoolparaprofessional). Our volunteers are: Ms. Adita Cordova, Mrs. Ma ria Magana, Ms. Lana Rosario, Ms. Omayra Sanchez, Mrs. Therese Ives, Mrs . Greta Dieck, and Mrs. Rosa Zamora.

Change of Family Information

If any contact telephone numbers or other pertinent information have changed since regi stration, please contact Mrs. Miller at the school office.

Parent University Curriculum Night

The Curriculum Nights were very successful, with approximately 95% of the parents in attendance. They received their certificates during the Parent Orien tation Night. The next parent workshop is being planned now and it will be on “ Internet Social Networking & Cyber Bullying. ” An employee of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office is being invited. More information will follow.

Octoberfest & Raffles for Education

The first family party, Octoberfest will take place on Saturday, October 16 th. The chairperson is Mrs. Olivia Olivares. If you would like to help wit h the party, please give her a call.
You should have received by now the raffle tickets. Each family was given three tickets. They are either $50.00 each or three for $100. You can win an entire year’s tuition, or cash money.

An Army Colonel’s Visit

Colonel Joseph Buche, one of the highest ranking officers in the military did a presentation with photos and a Q & A with our students about some aspects of his servi ce. Col. Buche’s meritorious achievements include the Legion of Meri t, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, two Combat Infantryman’s Badges, and Ranger Tab. His proud mother is Mrs. Anne Conroy, who is a staunch supporter of our school and parish, and the chair of the St. Ana stasia Development Board. We thank Col. Buche for sharing some of his precious time with us. Family & School Association (FSA ): We have an energetic group of parents heading our FSA. They are:

  • Mickey Vela – President
  • Sharon Peddicord – Vice- President
  • Margaret Wheeler – Vice-President
  • Isabel Reyes - Secretary
  • Brenda Rivera – Treasurer

The names of the Homeroom Mothers will come later. However, if you get a call from Mrs. Gay Walker , she is reminding you of the activities you signed up for on your Participation Contract . Your children love it when they see you around school being involved.

The mentoring program will soon go into effect. The parents in- charge of the program are Mrs. Peddicord, Mrs. Whee ler and Mrs. Erdal. Speaking of Mrs. Erdal, we thank her for being the “extra-hand” during the first couple of weeks at school, especially in Preschool. FSA meetings are open to all parents, which is held every 2 nd Tuesday of each month. The upcoming one will be on Sept. 14 th at 7:00 PM.

“Club Gifted”

Mrs. Bray & Mrs. Vitaioli are forming this group of students in Jr. High. We want to challenge our gift ed students with work that will enhance their learning. Parents will be n otified if their child qualifies for the club. If you were not at the Orie ntation Meeting where this program was explained, you may call either one of the teachers for information.

From the desk of Mrs. Sivia

The student choir is being formed now. Those students who wish to join would have to “sing and eat,” since the practices are at lunchtime. “ Anytime for the glory of God.” Mrs. Sivia is also working on how we can get all ou r students involved in the 11:00 A.M. mass on Sundays, especially the last Sunday of each month, she calls “THE STUDENT-POWERED MASS!”

Grandparents Day

Please invite all grandparents or significant adu lts in your child’s life who would like to spend some part of their day in school. It will take place on Sept. 22 nd , starting with mass at 8:30 AM, followed by a light breakfast. Also tell them to bring their piggy banks since they will be shopping for their favorite grandchild(ren) at the Book Fair.

Grade 8 Parents Meeting

The meeting will be held on Sept. 27 th at 7:00 PM. The agenda will include Confirmation and Grade 8 T rip. A committee to research various places for the trip w as formed by Mrs. Mon. The committee is composed of Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. R eyes, Mrs. Ayala & Mrs. Vitaioli.

Midterm Report

School just got started but we are already remind ing all parents from Grade 4 to 8 to check your child’s pro gress. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress report, please e-mail or leave a message for the teacher. If would just to thank the teacher, you may do that too. Midterm report can be checked on the firs t week of October. Mrs. Wajrowski is very busy in setting up our new electronic reporting system called Power School. It is the latest of its kind that is started to be used in archdiocesan schools. Mrs. Wajrowski was on e of the few who were sent to train in California. This program repl aces GradeBook.

Summer Landscaping

The Greg Johnson Family rolled up their sleeves to do some summer planting by the electroni c sign board and the west side lawn. Mrs. Johnson also coordinated volunteers including Mr. Joe Sivia and Kevin Sivia to fix the little children’s playground. Thank you all! As if Mrs. Brolley doesn’t have much school duties to do already. Well she did more than her fair share of gardening, weeding, and landscaping around the school and church. Thank you Mrs. Brolley! In memory of his late mother-in-law Rose, Mr. Pat Dutcher continues to take care of the Rose Garden between the church and the school. It’s a great memorial and tribute to a loved one. Thank yo u Mr. Dutcher!