Catholic education is a word of faith - faith in God, who reveals Himself in Jesus Christ. The most important lesson learned is that God loves us. Secure in that love, children can learn about themselves and the word God made, and learn also to love others and take their place in the world as responsible men and women."

Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of Chicago

I am a teacher at the Ninth Grade Center of Waukegan High School. It is in this role that I have had the pleasure of welcoming many St. Anastasia graduates to my Literature and Composition classes. I have always found the students from St. Anastasia to be inquisitive, bright, polite,and caring. We wanted our daughter to attend St. Anastasia. We have not been disappointed; we are delighted with our eldest daughter's kindergarten experience. She is exposed to a challenging, well-rounded curriculum and is surrounded by teachers and support staff who work endlessly to ensure her education and promote strong Christian values. Our family's involvement with St. Anastasia School is one of the very best decisions we have ever made.

Mrs. Julie Moran
We have chosen St. Anastasia School for our daughter because we wanted her to value the importance of God's presence daily. We feel St.Anastasia will enrich her with an exceptional education and help her grow spiritually, as a child of God.

Mr and Mrs Michael OBerto
I have chosen St. Anastasia School for my son for one simple reason. To receive the best education in Lake County. I was honored to graduate from St. Anastasia and it will be an honor to see my son graduate from St. Anastasia.

Mrs. Joan Hoel
We chose St. Anastasia School because of it's rich foundation in diversification, programming and extra curricular activities. Our son has had opportunities beyond just an education, to walk in faith and reach his dreams.

Mrs. Debbie VanArsdale
I chose to send my son to St. Anastasia for a variety of reasons. First of all because I really appreciate the understanding and helpful staff. I also like the progressive Pre-K program. Finally, I like the interaction that happens between the different grade levels, through the "buddies" system, it creates a sense of community and family amongst the children.

Ms. Erin Connor
After going to Open House and meeting the staff and learning of the programs the school offered, I chose St. Anastasia School because it offers a good Catholic education. I also like the class sizes and everyone is very friendly.

Ms. Tammy Zastrow
We chose St. Anastasia School for our child because education is more than just academics. I attended St. Anastasia and the moral values I gained there are just as important to my daily life as any academic knowledge I could have learned anywhere else. We all want our children to grow up to be good, well-rounded individuals. St. Anastasia School gives them a great start!

Mr and Mrs. Dan Roberts
We chose to send our three daughters to St. Anastasia School without hestitation. Their father and his sisters all graduated from St. Anastasia and they have wonderful memories of their grade school years here. When our oldest daughter was ready for school we knew we wanted the discipline and structure of the Catholic schools. St Anastasia was our parish, our home. St Anastasia has a wonderful family atmosphere and we are very happy with our decision.

Mr and Mrs Tom Berzin
My husband and I originally looked into St. Anastasia for purely academic reasons. We felt that St. Anastasia had better facilities, better access to computers, smaller classes, more activities for the children and better programs. From the first week, St. Anastasia has not only confirmed our decision, but has given us more reasons to believe that we made the correct choice. I have found that we have joined a community of families that not only hold the same values as us, but are also kind, caring, and helpful in time of need. St. Anastasia is a community where everyone strives to create not only happy and bright children, but respectful, empathetic and faithful. The school has many activities to involve both children and families, as well as to create a sense of belonging for all children. I feel fortunate to have found a school that I can send my children and know that they will be learning the same values that we hope to instill within our home. Everyday as I send my daughter to school, I am confident that there will be consistency and that she will be safe and happy. I don't believe that I will find that kind of comfort in another school. We are extremely pleased with our decision.

Mr.and Mrs.Jason Coroneos
My granddaughter has been in St. Anastasia School since Pre-K, she is now in 5th grade. I am very passionate about St. Anastasia School. I like the prayer life and the children's masses. Even for young children these teach compassion and devotion. Education- This is, perhaps my most important reason for liking St. Anastasia. With the exception of one, all of my granddaughter's teachers are still at St. Anastasia. My granddaughter has and still is excelling in all subjects. I attribute her success thus far to her teachers. They are the ones who motivate her, push and prod her, and guide her every day. They are well educated, professional, and genuinely kind and caring individuals. Thanks to all of these teachers, my granddaughter is thriving. Safety- This was a real concern of mine. No one gets into St. Anastasia School without being buzzed in- after being observed on camera. There are no metal detectors, no policemen, no guards, no paid hall monitors at St. Anastasia.

Mrs. Sandy Larson
We have chosen to send our children to St. Anastasia School for several reasons. We feel that there is a very strong family environment there and our children are part of the family. We also feel that the concern for their education is a priority. Our children are challenged and enjoy learning. These things are encompassed, of course, in the faith environment. The focus on faith and values is very strong. As a family that stresses these ideas at home, it is extremely beneficial to have them stressed and enforced at school.

Bill and Cathy Brolley
After viewing different school environments we decided to send our child to St. Anastasia. There are many reasons why we made this very important decision. The first is the outstanding education St. Anastasia offers. The second reason is the safe and secure feeling of St. Anastasia. Finally, we chose St. Anastasia because of the strong community between the teachers, parents and students. St. Anastasia was a GREAT choice for us.

Cindy and John Gessert